Tim Bearden

Story 1 Conclusion: The Case of the Missing Rifle

Posted in Choose Your Own Adventure, Fiction by timbearden on February 4, 2013

Hoping to still catch up with the master thief, Han and Maggie sped down the country roads trying to get to the Peers house before they missed their opportunity.

“He’s probably long gone by now,” explained Maggie. “I mean we didn’t even ask Logan when he saw this guy last. He could be anywhere.”

“Yes, he could be,” agreed Han. “But only if anywhere includes here or Chicago. He wouldn’t go too far from home or the find–assuming he hasn’t yet found it.”

“Didn’t the riddle say he found it?” asked Maggie. “He just wanted us to figure out what it is he stole?”

“No, he meant it like a scavenger hunt. He was giving us clues to see who could find it first. He’s got to be one of those two places.”

“Why are you so convinced he’s from Chicago? He could be a nut from anywhere in the country.”

“True,” agreed Han again. “But he isn’t. He said a man and a woman specifically to Logan, which means he’s seen both of us. While I can’t deny I’ve been in the press a few times, you’re rather anonymous still. He’s had to have seen us in person.”

“So it’s someone we know,” recoiled Maggie. The mere thought of someone she knows acting like a treasure hunting lunatic and stalking them ran chills down her spine.

“Not necessarily,” Han said. “He could be anyone watching us. Studying our every move.”

“That isn’t much more reassuring,” Maggie explained.

As they arrived at the Peers house there was quite a commotion. Police cars were parked in the drive and on the streets with their lights flashing a blue and red glow into the Virginia sun down. The headlights were on, but not bright enough to blind anyone in the haze of sunset.

Han parked the car on the side of the road and quickly ran up the drive. A uniformed officer stopped him short of the stairs leading to the door.

“Sorry sir,” the office said holding up his hand. “This is a crime scene. Nobody can see the house right now.”

“I’m an officer of the law from Chicago,” explained Han while quickly opening and closing his wallet so the officer didn’t notice there wasn’t a badge. “We’re chasing a man down here we believe to be a little, well, mentally unstable chasing some old legend about a relic rifle.”

The officer stared at him for a second and finally said, “Well, whatever it was he was willing to kill for it. He’s long gone and a tourist who may have seen too much got stabbed in the neck with a stray letter opener. Only thing is the perp was wearing gloves so no finger prints yet. We’re still hoping for some DNA evidence to help us get this guy.”

“Did anyone else see him?” asked Han.

“They said it was a pretty busy day and it was hard to keep track of who was coming and going around the property. No one is allowed inside, but some how the thief got in. It’s a decent tourist attraction so someone must have seen him, but didn’t live to tell about it” explained the officer.

Han walked back toward the car swiftly with a sour look on his face. He opened the driver’s side door and slammed it when he got in.

“What?” asked Maggie. “What’s going on?”

“We’re too late and someone’s dead because of it.” said Han still staring at the house. “We missed him and there’s no trace. Not a clue to be found the door guard said. Looks like we’ll have to pick this back up in Chicago.”

The case remains unsolved.

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