Tim Bearden

Story 2: Adventure of the Nomad

Posted in Choose Your Own Adventure, Fiction by timbearden on February 5, 2013

Since the early days of ancient Greece, all men dreamed of one day challenging the Gods. Much like when Zeus toppled his father Cronus the Titan, humans thought they were now ready to rule supreme.

No man, however, dared challenge the Gods.

Despite those reigns coming to an end at the fall of the Greek empire, no one challenged the Gods as Olympus remained silent. A few of the deities remained, however, following the fall of the empire. Olympus began to grow stronger again with the help of Athena and Artemis orchestrating the underground effort. Hermes took his place on the throne in lieu of the might Zeus and the Olympians began to rebuild.

But this could not be allowed to happen. Human’s were blind to see the tides of change reverse once again, but the other creatures were not.

Word spread around the land of the awakening of the Gods. It went as far as Scandinavia where it caught the attention of a young elf nomad. He knew of the Gods ascent into power and their ability to conceal and deceive until the time was right to act. He understood the keen battle intellect of Athena and the ruthless cruelty of Ares. Maglor knew he could not stand idly by while this happened.

Maglor lived far in the woods of Scandinavia and it was a harsh winter that far north–one of the worst in decades. And it was most certainly the worst he had endured. Even his elf tailored charcoal colored afghan that was designed for the harshness of the Northern European forest. It was crafted with tapestry woven by the fey and enchanted with elf magic and the warmest in the land, but Maglor still shivered late at night. A trip to the Southern Earth would do me well, he thought while putting out his campfire.

He picked up his bow, sheath and survival knapsack, which was filled with food for his travels, and hopped into a tree for the evening. Maglor draped the hood of his afghan over his wind burnt face and turned to his side to rest for the evening. Artemis is a bitch, he thought. Right then he decided he would begin his journey to Greece and confront the remaining Gods.

The sun rise stirred Maglor from his slumber. He dreamt of his journey south and came to the conclusion he would need some help on this quest, but he knew of no one he could trust. Then again, a nomad trusts no one–an elvish nomad trusts less.

The fresh snow of the evening made it easy for Maglor to hunt his next few meals. He gathered a few rabbits and a hedgehog in his hunt that he packed up for later. As he began his journey, he couldn’t decide where to go to first for help.

Where does Maglor go?


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